Thursday, March 11, 2010

DKBC -- Secret Dinosaurs: The Teamwork

Alright people, we're back in another Power Spotlight and now let's talk about the new release: Secret Dinosaurs!
The Secret Dinosaurs can use Moves of any Element.
There are Megalosaurus, Deinoychus, Pachycephalosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Cryolophosaurus, and each booster pack comes with two bonus powerful cards: Alpha Acrocanthosaurus and Black Tyrannosaurus!
For now, let's talk about teamwork. This means, Deinonychus will be on the spot.
It's got the [Pack Hunter] Skill. This skill allows you to increase its Attack and Defense by +2 if you have at least 3 other Dinosaurs in play! So from 11 and 8, you could boost them into 13 and 10 -- this is proved powerful against Black Tyrannosaurus if both of them uses no Move!

Still not enough? Well, let's get more Secret Dinosaurs in your deck and you'll see what this Pachycephalosaurus is best at!
His Skill, [Beam], is very valuable if you have a lot of Secret Dinosaurs in play. Because if so, you could attack twice in a turn! If you use the right Moves, you could certainly deal more damage and reset your enemy's strategy!

So what are you waiting for? Get them now, download, print, and showoff this whole-new power of the Secret Dinosaurs!
See you in the next Spotlight!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

DKBC -- Element Sneak Peek: Water Dinosaurs

So here we are, on another Element Spotlight to see what the Dinosaurs are the best at.
When we're talking about Water Dinosaurs, we're talking about a Dinosaur high in Defense Power with Skills that had something about the cards on the deck or Defense-Attack play.
I mean, check out this Spinosaurus. He's got [Rain]. This Skill allows you to check your deck for a Dinosaur you can Dino Slash -- of any TURN level! -- after you Dino Slash him (still though, if you do, you have to re-shuffle your deck).
But this Skill means you can Dino Slash two Dinosaurs in one turn, and that could get you some one-step-forward thing in your plan -- as it's prepared before the turn it's supposed to be. If the weapons are ready, it just need to be launched!

Not just good on Defense Power, Water Dinosaurs could also be a ferocious Dinosaur -- as long as you're sure you have a Dinosaur with [Splash] equipped, like Amargasaurus. With that Skill, when that Dinosaur attacked, its opponent loses 1 to 3 Defense Powers! With their Defense down, it must be easy to attack the Dinosaur down. So with them, all you need were just Super Moves. Try this, even when you attacked a Fire Dinosaur of the same TURN level, with their high Attack which might guarantee some damage, check what they can do against it with their Defense down and good Super Move equipped. Yup, most chance to win!

See, even Water Dinosaurs can show off to those titans. Still, however, now you must choose your Element. Or maybe you could just wait for the next articles about Strategy or more upcoming Element Sneak Peeks. But it's gonna be fine, you'll find your type! So go now and make your move!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

DKBC -- Element Sneak Peek: Earth Dinosaurs

Hi people, we're back in another Element Sneak Peek. In case you need some strong defensive dinos, then Earth might be the Element for you.
These Dinosaurs are focused in strong Defense Power and earth-shattering Skills. I mean, check out this Euoplocephalus. He's got the [Shatter] Skill. It's a Special Skill which would give your enemy some think-again effect.
You just have to battle with that Dinosaur. This Skill makes the Dinosaur that your Dinosaur battle with lose an extra 1 HP, doesn't matter whether you won or lost the battle! If you have a lot of Dinosaurs with this [Shatter] Skill, you could certainly deal your opponent some knockout where they have no choice but to lose an extra HP each time their Dinosaur battles no matter whose turn it was!

Not having much Earth Dinosaur in your deck? It's also a good advantage to keep a Dinosaur with the [Barrier] Skill on the battlefield!
With the [Barrier], your opponent can't attack that Dinosaur unless they attacked your other Earth Dinosaur in play first. If you have no chance to get your other Earth dino to the arena, it'll be great to keep attacking them with it while they can't attack it! Sometimes it's not always about teamwork, unlike with Wind Dinosaurs.

Now, try to find your Element because whether you're ready or not, the battle is beginning! To keep up on track, you'd better go now and make your move!

DKBC -- Element Sneak Peek: Grass Dinosaurs

Now, in case you need to revive a bit from your opponent's attacks, the Grass Dinosaurs are the best for you.
The Grass Dinosaurs are focused in the healing thing. Like, the [Nursery] by Parasaurolophus. This is great to have her in play, because each time you end your turn, each of your other Dinosaurs in play gains +1 HP! If it's used against offensive opponents with the good matching Moves, Grass Dinosaurs would certainly kick some butt.

Yet, that's not everything a Grass could do. The [Aid], like in Lambeosaurus or [Hospitalize] like in Tsintaosaurus could also help. [Aid] works when you summon the Dinosaur. But yet, it gave +2 HP boost to one of your other Dinosaur in play! While [Hospitalize] works after it battles. Then you can choose one of your other Dinosaur in play to be hospitalized and can't battle for a turn -- but it gained +2 HP!

These boosts are not available in any other Elements, which made Grass an exclusive Element. But still, each Element has their own specialty, so maybe you don't like Grass but you want another....
It's okay!
There are 6 Elements free open for you! Now it's just about how you'll make your move and be the Dinosaur King!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DKBC -- Featured Super Moves: Lightning

The game isn't always about the Dinosaur, you know. Good Moves and good strategy are also needed -- along with the luck in taking Cards from your deck.
Let's check these Moves:

- Lightning
In the Lightning Dinosaurs, the strongest Move so far is Lightning Strike. It gave the total boost of 8 Points -- most Super Moves only give 6-7 Points!
It also allow you to strike on the Cards on your opponent's hand -- now this is where the luck is needed. If you were lucky, your random choice in discarding a Card from your opponent's hand could kick them back a few steps where they must re-think of their plan!
Even better, the picture is taken straight from the Movie!'s not everything yet. If you need a more 'stunning' effect, Chomp's first Super Move might be useful -- Electric Charge!
Though it only gave you the max boost of 6 Points, it still would kick back your enemy. When you use the Move, the Dinosaur you battled with can NOT attack again for 3 of your opponent's turns! If you attack a powerful Dinosaur, you can imagine the effect your opponent must face!

That's just few -- there are others like Thunder Bazooka, Bolt of Vengeance, Lightning Spear, and many more!
So, let's get some of them and be the Dinosaur King!

DKBC -- Element Sneak Peek: Fire Dinosaurs

Hi there, we're back in another Element Spotlight. And now let's get the talk on for Fire Dinosaurs.
Fire Dinosaurs' specialty is in attacking your opponent's Dinosaur. With their high Attack Point, you could swipe your opponent's field clean and wait until they had another Dinosaur -- and clean it up alright. If you're the type that loves attacking and quick-finishing, then Fire is the type for you. These Dinosaurs might be low in Defense, but while dealing a lot of Attack to your opponent, the higher the TURN level you had in play the more likely you are to win!
Like this Alioramus. This dude came in pretty handy in attacks. Not just high Attack Power, he also got [Blast] Skill. This Fire Special Skill wil allow you to choose one of your opponent's Dinosaur when you perform an attack. They instantly lose 2 HP -- and you don't even have to win the battle!
If you keep these blasting Dinosaurs up in play, it'll be like a highway to win.

And there's still this Carcharodontosaurus with [Detonated]. This guy will come pretty handy too, because as you attack, you can take out one of your opponent's Dinosaur in play. It'll lose 1 HP, but along with 1 Defense! With his Defense down, it must be easy as pie to take him down and clean your path to triumph against your enemy!

So, maybe Fire is still not your type, but it's worth a try. Each Element has their own specialty, and you can't blame them if they're incomplete. But Fire's still cool!
So what are you waiting for? Come get them and be the Dinosaur King!

DKBC -- Element Sneak Peek: Lightning Dinosaurs

Again, we'll talk about powerful offensive Dinosaurs. And now let's spot the light on the Lightning Dinosaurs.
The Lightning Dinosaurs are mostly like the Wind Dinosaurs. They're steady in Attack and Defense with a medium level HP, but they have Skills that will boost their Attack Power to increase the chance of triumph in attacks.
Take a look at this Achelousaurus. It's got [Voltage]. This Skill will give you quite an advantage when you have a lot of Dinosaurs in play. When you Dino Slash him, each of them gained +1 Attack Power permanently! This will be cool, especially if you're the attacker type.

And yet the Lightning isn't all about attacks -- Defenses and protection over your Dinosaurs from attacks and opponent-turn-wasting is also in the account. Like this Triceratops for example.

It can really mess up your opponent's strategy. Using its [Electrify], you can stop the attack that your enemy is doing on your Dinosaur -- any Element -- and you only lose 1 HP in change for the whole flaw in their plan! Then their turn ends, and you can do some counterattack!

See, this is just another review about an Element. There are still many others, and probably you haven't find which one clicks you the most. But it's okay, there are still other Elements out there that you probably want to check out. So, let's make your move and be the Dinosaur King!